Kwazzle Designer Watches

About Us

The inspirational Retro watch company.

Kwazzle was concepted in May 2014 when on a bank holiday Saturday Steve was confronted by his grandson who wanted a new watch. Steve had never designed any watches before so had to scratch his head as to come up with new ideas and designs. After much brainstorming it was decided that the watches had to be colourful and unique in their designs.

Some 3 days later and many miles and foot slogging later having visited both large and small stores he was stumped for ideas but persistence kicked in and it eventually dawned that the best and most comfortable watches could be made from fine silicone!

The next task was to track down a company that could fulfil our needs. We thought of Rolex, Tag etc. but decided we needed to offer our items at a very realist price so thought of a supplier in that very small manufacturing company called China.

And so the adventure began!!!

All our sales are made via distributors around the world that we have negotiated excusive rights. If you are a distributor we would love to hear from you.